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Essence of Life Spinal Care
Call: Dr. Miranda (813) 330-0232 for your FREE Consultation Upper Cervical Doctor Upper Cervical Chiropractic Care is about allowing the body to heal from within by focusing on the system in the body that controls and regulates all body function and healing. Our Nerve System, specifically the brain stem, which is located right underneath the base of your skull and is protected by the first bone of your spine; the Atlas. Actual brain stem pressure is caused by the misalignment of the Atlas bone. This is the ONLY joint of the spine that can cause brain stem irritation. We call this a SUBLUXATION. Every subluxation/misalignment is different because there are over 200 ways this Atlas bone can misalign. There is no room for guessing of such a critical area so, precision films must be taken if necessary. A misalignment of of a degree can make a difference between health and disease. Pressure on the brainstem causes the body and its organs to malfunction and not heal at 100%. Removing this pressure/irritation is what we do, through a non-invasive and gentle method allowing the body to heal as it was designed to, without the use of drugs or surgeries. There is no popping, jerking or rotating of this delicate area.
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